"Randy’s story of personal success is an inspiration to the next
generation of leaders. He speaks from the heart
with sincere passion and a strong desire to bond with
the students he encounters.
Belinda A. Baker, PR Specialist, Thomas Nelson Community College


"Randy's message is what this generation of students so
desperately needs. His unique strategies help bridge the gap
between students, classroom teachers and administrators;
a component that is missing from most school systems today."
Alicia E. Smith, UniServ Director Virginia Education Association


"At the Kelly Company an integral part of our mission is
to serve others. I admire Randy because of his heart for
service and his genuine desire to help others succeed.
His professionalism and skill-set make him highly sought after
in his industry. I look forward to working with Randy
again in the near future! Kelly Buffaloe Taylor, Owner of The Kelly Company


"The kids in our program are still reading the books that you
gave them. In the weeks following your visit we used your book
as a guide to discuss topics important to them. It was a perfect
fit for our existing program!"
Tiffany Hassell, President of TLC


"He truly connects with the kids and gets them thinking about
what it is that they need to do to prepare for life after high school."
Mona Dozier, High School Teacher


"He’s exceptional! He’s an excellent role model for young men
and women too…I would highly recommend him, he’s an
exceptional keynote speaker, especially a motivational speaker!"
Rose Blevins, High School Teacher

"First Choice"

"We haven’t had a speaker like Randy in a long time. He’s very enthusiastic,
knows the content and motivates the students. If I were to call a guest
speaker my first choice would be Randy Williams!"
Irvin Hall, High School Teacher
The Generation Changer: Committed to developing the next generation of leaders!
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